May 1, 2024

Alif Ba Ta (5)


Small or Big

صَغِيرَةٌ أوكَبِيرَةٌ

This is Tala. Tala asked: Am I small or big? 

Her friends answered: You are indeed small. 

Alif Ba Ta (4)

Sim Sim and the Colours

سِمسِمن وَالألْوَانُ

This is  Kharbush and this is his dog Sim Sim. Both went out خَرَجَا  and play  لَيَلْعَبَا together مَعًا in the park. 

Kharbush looked inside Sim Sim kennel and thought: there هُنَاكَ  was something شَيءٌ  missing نَاقِصٌ.

Alif Ba Ta (3)

Hurry Up, Mouse

بِسُرْعَةِ أيُّهَاالفَأرُ

A small mouse wanted أرَادَ to return أن يَعُودَ to his home, but he could not see يَرَى the road well in the night. 

The little mouse quickened أسْرِعَ , in the meantime there فَهُنَاكَ  was a fox ثَعْلَبٌ ! 

Alif Ba Ta (2)

Strange Egg

البَيْضَةُ الغَرِيبَةُ

Flock of birds are sitting on their eggs, except ماعَدَا the duck البَطَّةَ, which does not have an egg. But she وَلَكِنَّهَا was very lucky مَحْظُوْظَةٌ , she found big egg near  قُرْبَ the river النَّهْر. The duck said to the egg: You are the most beautiful egg in this world. I will صَوْفَ  take care  أعْتَنِي  of you. The duck sat on the egg.

Alif Ba Ta (1)

Cat is always cat 

 القِطَط هي القِطَط

Princess Nur loves cat

One day, she bought a small kitten قِطًً

He has stripes مُخَطَّطً like tiger, and he has لَدَيْهِ tail ذَيْلٌ like tiger's tail, and he has لَدَيْهِ  laugh ضِحْكَةٌ like tiger, so she named him فَسَمًتْهُ Namr.