Nov 20, 2005

Making a DivX Movie CD

Yesterday we just bought a DVD/DivX/VCD (plus a bunch of popular A/V formats) player from Mustafa and Samsuddin Co department store in Singapore. This famous giant store sold us an LG DK-9723P for very good bargain at SGD 115 while other shops offer SGD 139 as SALE price :-) It comes with free remote control, A/V cables, and without MICs for karaoke :-(

The good thing about this player is because it supports latest DivX format (one unique thing we want to try) . We would like try this format since we have some AVI files in DivX format from Harun Yahya spectacular series. Other formats and newest features of what a best DVD player should have also supported mostly.

It is as simple as dragging the DivX file to the CDRW drive to start writing the file onto the CD. Simple as that ! Once you have the 650+ MB file on that CD you are ready to play in in the player. The player will recognize the filename automatically and start playing it.

One tip: Ensure that the AVI file (DivX movies) that you choose are playable with native DivX player ver. 6.0 from before start writing the CD.

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