Dec 12, 2012

DIY @ Home (3): Now for DuoS

Yes, this third episode of DIY @ Home is special for me. I did it for our first twin, Shalihah and Shalih. It has been more than 8 months now since we got this IKEA baby cot. Now the twin is very active and we need some safe protection to control their roaming :-) This cot bed base can be placed at two different heights. I need to shift it down so baby can stand on it and play inside.

Morning time before 7 am, when the twin still sleep, DIY starts. Rule of thumb of DIY never lies: Precision, Determination, and of coz the Right Tools are what I need to accomplish the mission.

Let see how strong it can last. Insya Allah DuoS like it and play safe inside.

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