Nov 15, 2009

What weekend means (sometimes ...)

Combining work and pleasure sometimes very difficult.

Shift the workloads on weekdays, that is obvious.

Then we left with two S days ... saturday and sunday, S can mean anything, but for me it is simply another selection of so many choices. What to do ... watch TV, read books, writing email, internet, call home, do home work (actually office work arrrggh) or sightseeing. Pls do remember after subuh prayer I only have two hours to decide and this is the hardest part !

And this weekend I plan to boost the stamina with sightseeing. For that I need to browse googlemaps, read how to get there, what is interesting, plan another sporty sweaty day ... Backpackers and enjoy the noises (air, sound, crowd...). There is no sightseeing tourist bus or guided tour available from my place, anything by your own, to be free and easy and ... cheap :-)

Welcome to central city of Bangalore, which I need one hour plus to reach there if quite lucky. It is so much crowded, jam, and lively everywhere. Circle the city with walking, buses or auto (black bajaj with meter). Backache, foot cramp, snap shoot here n there, while brain also has its own exercise to calculate how much 100 rupee is.

-- Gambar: Kapan ya punya bajaj macam gini, ada meternya, kembaliannya pas lagi he...he. Here the meter shows fare for 14.9 km --

Tapi urusan sport jantung, keahlian nyelip sambil diteriaki pemakai jalan lain, dan bau asap knalpotnya sama saja. Kawan2 di sini menasehatkan agar memakai bajaj/taxi utk upaya terakhir saja atau bila kita tahu jalannya, krn kadang2 ada supir nakal yg mencari jalur muter-muter.

Bedanya di sini bajaj tak berpintu dan tak berjendela. So mesti pegangan dan siap2 basah kalau hujan :-)

Tambahan pengalaman:
Sebenarnya banyak juga supir auto yang TIDAK mau memakai argo tsb sehingga terjadi tawar menawar terutama di malam hari. Ada juga yang tak mau banyak debat dengan calon penumpang dan hanya mengatakan "please pay 1.5 or 2 times my meter display" he..he..

(*) Diolah dari edisi pertama di FB (15/11/2009)

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