Jun 10, 2010

LG WF-S6607TC Washing Machine Problem

We have this washing machine almost 4 years, less few days to be more exact. Maintenance is perfectly done, no dirt or stain from its outer look. Perfectly bright and normal hum noise when it works. We just got it new after our previous Samsung gave up with torn drum.
No problem so far till this morning when my wife used it, it can not proceed further just 3-4 seconds after wash activity started. Both wash and spin indicator were blinking red and alarm was beeping continuously. Power off and on the unit or switching to other washing mode does not help. There must be something wrong with it.

Check the user manual gave us a hint that that kind of warning sound caused by top cover (lid) which is not closed properly. This is the same experience my wife had if she does that intentionally to pour more detergent or softener.

Well, let see what google can do with the search word similar to the subject, bismillaah.

We found this site, FixYa, same washing machine model and guess what !!! same problem. There has been already some users faced similar situation and they found the solution is best and HELPFUL ! Alhamdulillaah. So we plan to share this as well ...

  • As we can see on the picture, insert small magnet between the edge of the top lid and the user control panel (next to the small white box on the left),

  • Pls take note that magnet direction, position, and strength make difference too. I tried with weaker magnet it didnt work, the same thing when I positioned it differently. So try till you find the right magnet and position,

  • Secure the magnet with tape and try start the WASHing process. Monitor whether the washing can continue to last when the magnet is there


Moral of the story:
I can not believe that this tiny magnet is the real show STOPPER, it is indeed very important. Service man can make lots of money out of this simple thing :-) Nevertheless it struck my mind why product manufacturer did not design the magnet holder more secure ? It can come with better plastic housing that able to resist normal vibration during operation, some light pressure or knocks while opening or closing the lid. The magnet holder when we saw this morning was already in fragile condition, rusted (due to magnet corrosion could be), and of course the tiny magnet was not there anymore. Another thing, manufacturer should warn the user to take care of that area properly before it is too late and the magnet gone.

So pls dont believe the evil rumour saying electronic goods are dead after its warranty period is over. Just pray and try your best pal ! Thanks for sharing.

- Lucky we have few magnet souvenir on the fridge door, so it can be used
- The right size of the magnet is tricky, our current (temporary) solution blocks the top lid to close properly :-(