Jun 16, 2010

Simple, Sufficient and Safe

Nothing impressive instead of saying it works. It is new airport indeed and they spend to make it professional day by day. Nice thing there is online information about departure and arrival on its website.

As we can see here it is queue line before immigration. End of last year when I visited this city for first time, the H1N1 flu check was still implemented, so what they did was just putting those white desks with one health officer waiting there collecting the card from passengers stating whether they had been visiting those risky known countries before.

And for the immigration officers, they are sitting inside the white booth. Just long yellow line that separate the rest of the queue from the fellow under interrogation by the officer. No automatic door whatsoever that close the gap between inside-or-outside the immigration check point.

However the security check process before departure are quite cumbersome. Checking the document, xray the cabin bags, scan the passenger body thoroughly (with separate line between male and female passengers), ... really makes long and disgruntled queue. Imagine those passengers flying around midnight have to face cold face officers executing their daunting tasks :-( Really no fun and tiring I would say, just to get some clearance stamps on the boarding pass and cabin backpacks or handybags.

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