Aug 8, 2016

Live without Windows

It is just a beginning, to have computer at home without having Windows, 28 July 2016. I have been using Windows since I got my first laptop in 1996 but occasionally switch to Linux due to study or work using dual boot. But now, it is only Linux in the (note)book.

Ubuntu 16.04 answers all my doubts whether Linux (at this point of time) can satisfy all my needs as Windows does. As mentioned in previous post, once I had  external hard disk drive recognized well and usable by Linux kernel (OS), it seems the road ahead is bright clear. The data backup can be retrieved seamlessly, Wifi is up, and bluetooth is on. Last but not least the new Linux box also able to transfer files with our Android smartphones.

Step by step I prepare this Ubuntu box confidently. Besides having Ubuntu 16.04 Desktop CD (or DVD), I also create Gparted partition manager DVD. One of initial tasks is creating two primary partitions in hard disk: one for kernel and one for data backup. I run Gparted from the DVD drive to create and resize two partitions /dev/sda1 and /dev/sda3.

Next apps are easily installed using famous mantra "sudo apt-get install" command, for example:
  • Powerful vim is a must-have for code/script development.
  • VLC to open most of videos format.
  • Blueman as bluetooth manager. It works great with my Samsung Core Duos phone (GT-I8262).
  • k3b or Brasero as CD/DVD writer
  • notepadqq as Notepad++ counterpart. 
  • pdftk (good for merging and splitting pdf file)
  • Last but not least artha as real-time dictionary using ctrl-alt-W (as we get used to Windows Wordweb).
  • Other standard apps e.g Firefox (internet browser), nautilus (file explorer), gedit (light editor),  Libreoffice (free Office suite), gcc ... are already included in Ubuntu standard installation.

To put apps on start up, just open most powerful icon on the top left corner (Search Your Computer) and type Startup Applications. Fill in the right name and command (usually /usr/bin/<app name>). By having Linux box, I don't have to worry about C compiler or Perl/Python interpreter since they are freely available now.

Tons of apps can be installed, just space is the limit :-)

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