Jul 11, 2008

Budget Hotels in Bukittinggi

They are cozy though without stars. We called them jasmine hotel or hotel Melati in Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia). They are not able to achieve a single star rating based on local government book.

However it really does not a big matter, as long as you are not so picky when traveling light for couple of days in this city. They are good samples of a handful similar hotels available in Bukittinggi. Where can you find a hotel as low as USD 10 or 15 a night with clean bed and convenient room ? These three hotels in the picture have been standing there for at least 30 years since I know this beautiful city. They are in the heart of the city so you dont have to worry about getting lost at night or finding fabulous meal nearby. Most important they are safe. Of coz you can peek a look to starry hotels like Novotel or Pusako but they come with a sweaty price tag as well and the chance to get them is not trivial since they are usually booked for conference, seminars, or important business meetings.

So next time you visit my hometown please do a check on them here and there.

There have been attempts at unifying the classification system so that it becomes an internationally recognized and reliable standard but large differences exist in the quality of the accommodation and the food within one category of hotel, sometimes even in the same country.

Pictures left to right:
(L) Hotel Antokan Bukittinggi
(M) Hotel Indria Bukittinggi
(R) Hotel Jogja Bukittinggi

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