Oct 21, 2010

Bajaj Racing

They are like us or even less developed with hundred millions people still living in povery. But one thing I like them most, they follow the rule at least traffic rule in one of the city with worst traffic jam in India. Drivers of the black Auto (bajaj), ugly buses/trucks, hot tempered motorbike rider (because on the street it is hot and humid), and cool sedan follow the simple basic rule of traffic -- stop before the crossing line. See in the pictures that no policeman needed and people still stick by the rule on the sunny Bangalore.

Don't forget you can still negotiate the price for your journey with Auto's driver during the 3-minutes stop. No worry that some bikes or cars kiss your ass there :-)

Why this kind of behavior is missing in my country ? The public transport drivers, supir bajaj, and motorbike riders are driving like mad, recklessly abused the rights of pedestrian and other road users all the time. It seems they are really racing towards unknown glory every day.

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