Oct 31, 2010

DIY @ Home

It gives me experience,

it saves money (but maybe not time),

and it is cool (though I am really sweating).

When facing problem at home:
(.) analyze the situation
(.) think google, but first think the right phrase to type there
(.) find the replacement parts inside the house (if any) or go to nearby shop(s)
(.) prepare the gears, bismillah, and start working
(.) last but important: persevere

In the end, never forget to say alhamdulillaah :-)

Luckily if tools are available at home (e.g pliers, screw drivers, spanners, hammer, etc) otherwise you should buy one or ask the (kind) neighbours. Most of the parts that need replacement because of wear-and-tear are standard parts. They have standard size and standard way to install (aha ... youtube sometimes good source for demonstration). Better if you can meet the experience shop assistance who can understand the problem and give helpful consultation free of charge. As usual, supportive partner is priceless ! :-)

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