Feb 1, 2012

Philips Blender

Blender Brothers
Six years ago we had a Philips Cucina HR1791 (blender + miller). The strange thing happened after we used the miller for just 3-4 months under normal kitchen usage. The motor (machine) became hot and smelly like something burning inside. I brought it to the Philips Consumer Care at Lor 1 Toa Payoh and got the news three days later that its motor was beyond repair. Since it was still under warranty they gave us a new model HR1797. It is a complete set from the box with new blender jar and mill becker of course :-) The motor and blender unit has been working perfectly till today as shown on the picture (the right unit with cream color). This MADE IN INDONESIA Cucina had a  long life, of coz due to stable electricity in our house and highly well maintenance done by my wife as well hu...hu. It roars to juice, grind, and blend everything until last month the mill becker blade gave up. The metal blade is broken after 5+ years spinning  happily while the motor and blender can still be used !

Yesterday the younger brother HR2021 came from Mustafa (yeah it is cheaper there then recommended retail price by more than 15%). It is MADE IN CHINA with light blue color and lower wattage (only 400W compared to the older brother 500W). If I remember correctly, the price between these two is about the same, even the older one maybe more expensive by two or three dollars (six years ago !). It is a fact that electronic consumer goods price never go inflation here against SGD :-) This is exactly same story like LCD TV I wrote here.

Let's pray (and maintain) that this young brother will survive for another six years. I am just a bit worried since I do not find a clause in the HR2021 user manual that mentions "The appliance is equipped with a motor protection device that will SWITCH OFF the motor in case of a motor jam (which might occur during heavy processing jobs or if the appliance is not used in accordance wih the instructions) ...", which is the killer feature (an outstanding feature as we experienced) in the older model.

Our tips for long life blender motor and blade:
1. Start with lower speed and accelerate.
2. Interval stop to prevent motor overheated (1-2 minutes periods).
3. Slice/cut the solid ingredients into smaller pieces, NO overload, and add water if required.
4. Avoid spillage from the jar/becker (always use the LID).
5. Clean all removable parts after use and let'em dry before storing it.

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