Feb 13, 2012

Safest Indonesian Airplane

Garuda at Sukarno-Hatta airport (JKT)
At least their pilots do not consume drugs :-)

I would say once you are flying in the Indonesian sky, it is relatively safe. Believe me, problems occur most of the time are on the ground such as delay, insufficient experience to handle surge of passengers at one time, dispute about booking confirmation, tout, bad luggage handling, no-show (late check-in that make you lost the right to fly), and other common airline/airport problems due to lack of information or miscommunication.

And talking about D.E.L.A.Y it is sometimes unavoidable because it is due to nature uncertainties. We can not blame anyone in this case, right ? Recently starting from 1 January 2012, based on Minister of Transport regulation number 92/2011 for all local carriers operating in Indonesian airports, stated that every unfortunate passenger can claim Rp 400,000 (around USD 45) for any departure delay more than 4 hours.

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