Mar 28, 2012

Swimming Attire in Singapore

I can not recall exactly the story that one of our female friend could not swim that day due to her eye-catching attire. Yes, she was looking special for most of the pool user since she wore fully covered swimming suits for muslimah. It is combination of blouse, skirt, and pants covered from head to ankle and also a bit loose compared to casual two-piece swimsuit that people knew those days. The incident took place few years back either at public pool or private apartment pool where she was invited there. The guard-in-duty asked her and her friends to leave the pool or changed the attire accordingly because it created uneasiness to other pool users.

Yeah it was something new that time. Though I admit the design is superb, the material is very similar (or even better) but (unfortunately) more expensive than normal swimsuit he..he..

I have accompanied my wife in past two years at nearby swimming complex without any problem. Same thing also experienced by our female friends in other public pool in Singapore. All of them is wearing muslimah swim wear without any bulging eyes staring at them. Pool users get used to it already.

Just recently I snap a picture in front of swimming complex near my office. It depicts clearly the DOs and DONTs design for male and female attire in the pool. Text version can be read in the SSC website itself. Good move SSC !


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