Dec 19, 2010

Bangalore Bus Conductor

This skill set is need to be mastered, in full-passenger hot packed bus. Conductor need to balance his/her body in crazy maneuvering bus due to stressful traffic in daily Bangalore roads, speed humps, sudden pedal break to avoid bumps, impatient road users, undisciplined pedestrian, two-wheelers (bikers), etc.

At the same time, money need to collect or changed (see how the conductor fingers fit nicely with each Rupees notes), tickets need to be void, passengers need to alight, reaching the passenger that has not paid the ticket, remembering ticket price from this station to the destination (it means he/she is holding to the different sets of tickets), make sure that season pass used by the passenger is still valid, and sometimes I see them writing records of how many tickets are sold and how much money he/she collect. That is why they need this classic leather sling bag complete with notes, pen, coins inside.

Everyday ! It is a tough skill indeed !

Sometimes it is just wise passengers that does not cheat and proud of paying the correct fare. Sometimes passengers also get frustrated because the change is not ready yet handed over by the conductor and he/she has to get off the bus soon. If bus operator operates automatic machine to sell ticket like in Singapore or other modern cities then this job will be vanished slowly. Kind of dilemma though since it means unemployment of thousands of this loyal workers.

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