Dec 19, 2010

Outstation Sunday Morning

With lots of choices to do, even a long weekend morning is simply not enough.
  • stack of paper work, I promised to do that on weekend [sigh ...]. Let see if it is really happening
  • some books I plan to read during flight and still not finished :-(
  • ... and new books bought here, simply can't resist temptation of not-buying-anything from Higginbothams or Gangaram book house in prominent Mahatma Gandhi Rd (MG Road).
  • screening sunday papers ... this one can be really fast, believe me, nothing serious at all, just repetition of weekdays news.
  • killer gadget ... a remote control. Luckily no interesting program in the morning rather than 30% of the channel shows prayer towards different believe or gods. However it is really a lot from nothing back in Singapore to 100 flat screen channels. It is really overdosed.

Still need to squeeze in 40 mins treadmill and catch up with breakfast schedule which is quite tight for a lazy sunday morning :-)

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