Dec 11, 2010

The best thing of audio/video streaming application and broadband connection anytime anywhere is having access to the great teaching over internet. This is something that I was not able to enjoy when I stayed overseas for the very first time about fifteen years ago. But now everything is possible even in mobile.

No lonely feeling that you may miss the live dialog/preaching of Islam as they are aired virtually through online radio like radiopengajian (while they also have collections of previous programmes), we can dig/post/listen/watch to the huge repository of knowledge/lecture/howto/DIY in jukebox like youtube/y!video/googlevideo, or just skim through documents/slides posted in the slideshare/4shared, etc.

For those having the power of interconnectivity, now the responsiblity is yours.
To utilise this technology miracle in the way Allah loves :-)

Some of the nice things I found :
+ "Why and How to We Learn Arabics" by Nouman Ali Khan.
+ Inst. of Language of Quran Toronto that posts video on google as well.
+ Khan academy is one example of lecture on youtube EDU.
+ TEDtalks conference, one recent sample in
+ Termasuk arsip tulisan sendiri tentang peti sejuk di sini.


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