Jun 18, 2008

Ancient Wood Locker

A basic idea of a locker is as temporary compartment to store personal stuff without a need of someone to watch it all the time. The size of a each locker unit (cell) must be standard enough for a specific stuff and it should have adequate amount of cells to anticipate number of users using it at the same time. The structure should be strong, secured with a key (or identification pin for key-less type) and the key must be unique to each cell.

The wood locker shown here is located at Masjid Agung Bukittinggi. A big masjid (mosque), with large number of fans (prayer fellows: men and women) especially during Friday (shalat Jumat) and Ied prayer, requires shoes locker definitely. And this locker comes in handy: self service, lock, and leave system. User looks for the empty cell and finds the suitable key (match the cell's number) at the key hange
r behind the glass window just facing the locker. Locker will guard slippers, sandals, shoes,etc and the user can immerse him (or) herself into prayer (khusyu).

It has all the basic idea of modern locker, right ? Safe insya Allah (almost for all stuffs with USD 50 value or less) and most important it is free of charge ! One drawback perhaps if user forget to return the key to the key hanger :-)

p.s Modern locker is linked to this photostream.

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