Jun 8, 2008

Ayat Ayat Cinta in Singapore

Love Verses, the movie, has ended in Singapore just four days before it celebrates its one month anniversary. It is mainly shown in Cathay cineplexes and the demand has been downsizing steadily. It is soon replaced by other Hollywood top box movies like SATC, Chronicles of Narnia, and Indiana Jones. How succesful is AAC here ?

Let us play with numbers, figuring out the statistics of how many viewers AAC can make since its first debut here on May 8th. Our focus is Cathay which played this movie at three of its total five locations in Singapore, those are Cineleisure @ Orchard (68 seats), Causeway Point @ Woodlands (159 seats), and Downtown East @ Pasir Ris (156 seats). In Orchard seven movie times, six times in Woodlands, five times in Pasir Ris can be arranged in a day.

So what does it mean ? In a day, total seat occupation can be as high as (7x68) + (6x159) + (5x156) = 2210 seats. By assuming:
  • The capacity is high at first two weeks (one week is five work days and two off days) , around 75% during weekdays and 90% on Saturday and Sunday. It means there were (75% x 2210 x 10 days) + (90% x 2210 x 4 days) = 24,400 viewers.
  • Less viewers in last two weeks till the last day, assume 1000 seats per weekday and 1600 seats on weekends. It adds up to (1000 x 8 days) + (1600 x 4 days) = 14,400 viewers.

So in 26 days on stage AAC gathers around 38,800 moviegoers in the island. Not so bad since this number is about 7% of potential viewers (see my previous posting here to derive this percentage). Though it is not comparable with at least 2 million viewers in Jakarta in just 2 weeks, it can be a testimony that AAC survives in foreign land quite well. From 46 user reviews in Yahoo!Singapore, AAC gets three stars out of 5 stars as overall .

p.s The abovementioned numbers and statistics are pure writer's own judgement.

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