Jun 18, 2008

Guard Post West Meet East

On the left is a guard post replica, it was standing there between two forces during cold war. It barred East forces crossing the borderline to meet West forces and v.v. Located at the junction of Friedrichstraße with Zimmerstraße and Mauerstraße in Berlin, West Europe.

On the right is a guard post, near Pakanambek junction in Padang Luar, Bukittinggi. Maybe it is as old as the Checkpoint Charlie post on the left, using same material and share similar outlook. Not lucky enough since no history being known though our family have been living here maybe for more than a century. It is still in well-shaped condition till today, the electric meter on the wall proves it. Can you guess what the purpose of this Pakanambek post ?
  • Watch post to guard the village
  • Tax the bypasser for using the street
  • Check the identity of guest entering the village
  • Information center for newcomers.
  • Any special function not listed above (please email me ...)
Please don't bother with the man inside both photos. He may not be related to the posts :-) I hope I can verify the answer after another chance to return to this place.

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