Jun 19, 2008

Do your part minimising data duplication in internet

Data duplication in internet age is everywhere. An intentional or accidental one, spam or just taken-for-granted, like or dislike, reality or folk story etc. Zillions of bytes are travelling every second in the speed of light and they may blow up the biggest datacenter on earth eventually.

Here are 16 ways of how the ease of high speed internet build exaggerated data duplication inevitably everywhere.

  1. One headline news will be copied to many websites just in several minutes, exactly similar content. Not to include the modified ones and it is a factor of kilobytes per copy.
  2. A set of hot Mr or Ms Celebrity photos from amateur paparazzi will be pasted on many online rumors website just in couple of hours. Not to include thousand of such photos in the chatting forum or other social networking community worldwide. Factor of kilo or megabytes.
  3. Chain letters or hoaxes would be spread to all our inboxes just in a day and it multiplies in the factor of thousands just in minute.
  4. Spam emails and SMSes flood us everyday as the cheapest marketing flier available.
  5. Hundred eyes watch the latest Madonna video clip and each of eye pairs think it is cool to upload it in youtube, googlevideo, and few clones of youtube like youku.
  6. Illegal copy of lousy quality movies uploaded to popular sites like rapidshare.
  7. Legal e-book copies or iTunes songs have been download thousand times to thousand compact flashes around the world (for PDA, iPods, iPhones) and the number is catching up.
  8. Popular applications has been download thousand times to thousand hard disks and you still keep it although you don't need them.
  9. We save our lovely holiday pictures in hard disk, backup in thumb drive, burn in the CD, upload to Flickr, upload again to photobucket just in case, and send to our good buddies email.
  10. We join couple of mailing or distribution lists and post them all the same humors/news/messages that we force them to read or delete, sometimes it embeds few megabytes of files as well.
  11. Our wifes share the best recipes in town to all her friends in YM, Multiply, MSN, AOL, etc
  12. Our teens copies popular MP3 songs to his/her iPod, Zen, handphone, Multiply account etc and downloaded again by their friends to their local storage.
  13. Our sales folks copies again and again the same presentation to his PDA, tablet-pc from his/her office laptop.
  14. In the office, we do archiving for tons of office documents, brochures, sales figures, marketing research, product roadmaps, data sheets, manuals, etc ... from the day our office boys know how to use computer.
  15. On the web or ftp servers, ISP do mirroring all over the data centers.
  16. Pirated CD/DVD all over illegal black markets
Do you think we need rocket scientist to create application to prevent this or minimize this abundance of wasted bytes ?

Do your own part and start minimizing the waste from now !
  • Before pressing the forward or send button check again the recipients
  • Reply email accordingly, cut those irrelevant quotes
  • Dont forward untrue stories, chain letters, rumours that others will not benefit from it.
  • Assign one best way or location (media) to backup: for home usage, office usage, ...
  • Before backup think carefully do we really need it
  • Upload photos/mp3/mpeg legally and wisely, reduce its size if necessary
  • Dont download waste-my-time applications
  • Uninstall useless applications
  • Empty recycle bin (in windows, mail clients, etc) frequently
  • Dont buy pirated CD/DVD
  • [please share here]

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