Jun 1, 2008

Masjid Al Ansar Singapore

Inaugurated on 11th Syaban 1401H or 14th June 1981 by Ahmad Mattar (Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs). The mosque was completed after 4 years of development.

Located at junction between three streets:
  • Bedok North Street 1
  • Bedok North Avebue 1
  • Chai Chee Street
According to qiblalocator, its location is recorded at 1.3269 (latitude) and 103.9265 (longitude), hence the Ka'bah is at direction 293.02N and 7290 km away.

This mosque is famous for Malay community living on the east of Singapore, especially those stay around Bedok North, Bedok South, and Chai Chee. The mosque committee conducts religious classes, kindergarten, and other interesting activities for young and adult muslim.

There are 4 storeys where the main prayer hall is on 3rd level. Women normally prays at 4th level. The main prayer hall capacity is about 600+ prayers (jamaah). In total, this mosque can host around 2500 jamaah at peak time especially Friday prayer or Iedul Fitr prayer.

On the main prayer hall's right front wall there is a big frame displaying al-Quranic verses from An Nur 20-27 while on the left front wall displaying Al Hasyr 18-24. At the center front, one gold-colored caligraphy painted on top of imam's place that is Al Hajj 77:

"O you who believe, bow down and prostrate yourselves. Worship your Lord and do good, in order that you prosper"

This mosque spend $900-1000 on water and $3500 - 4500 electricity bills monthly and get weekly income from Friday prayers infak about $3000 - 4500. More information can be read from here.

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